XSteve's Windows utility page

This page contains programs, that I have written for Windows/NT, Win9x, Win2k, Windows XP.

At the moment this is only one program. It is called "switch to window". With this little utility (sww.exe (2007-10-17)) you can switch easily to another program window on the windows desktop.

Usage: sww [-x "program_to_start"] start_of_window_name
Example1: sww Yap - [mydoc.dvi]
Example2: sww -x "yap.exe mydoc.dvi" Yap - [mydoc.dvi]

The first example shows how to switch to another window. If this window that starts with this name does not exist, nothing happens. If more than one window exists with this name only the first one found is selected.

The second example demonstrates how to start an application, if the specified window is not found. In this example you want to view the document mydoc.dvi with the DVI previewer Yap. If the previewer is already open, switch to that window. Otherwise start Yap with the document.

sww.exe can also be used to hide/show windows by their name or to change the process priority of running programms

I use sww.exe within Emacs. Therefore I defined the following functions:

(defun xsteve-sww (window-name)
  "Switch to the window called window-name using the shell command sww"
  (interactive "sSwitch to Window: ")
  (shell-command-to-string (concat "sww " window-name)))

(defun xsteve-sww-with-app (window-name app)
  "Switch to the window called window-name using the shell command sww.
If a window called window-name does not exist execute the program app."
  (shell-command-to-string (concat "sww -x \"" app "\" " window-name)))

Show a short parameter description for sww.exe

An more advanced way to use sww.exe can be found on my Emacs page.

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